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OFFICINA 2000 milling machines is our Group brand where we concentrate activities regarding engineering and construction of grinding, dosage and transport of reagent systems, mainly used in installations treating fumes deriving from combustion processes (civil and industrial). There is an ever increasing need in the world to monitor and reduce harmful emissions into the atmosphere, and this can be done by introducing specific purification technologies into the market.

Operating in this sector means being in line with “ESG investments” (Environmental, social and governance), particularly as regards environmental pollution topics, that consider fumes abatement systems indispensable by now, in many cases even mandatory, in a world that is more and more oriented towards a more sustainable industry.

Our fumes purification systems are entirely designed and fulfilled within the OMP srl mechanical workshop. It concerns a company that is our partner, owner of the “OFFICINA 2000 milling machines” brand through which our fumes abatement technologies are exported all over the world.

Our machines are protected by a patent we invented and own.

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